Drainage correction, ensuring that water drains away from the base of your home and doesn’t simply pool there, is critical to avoiding any serious damage to your foundation, especially if you have a concrete slab. Water or excessive moisture in the soil around your home or in the foundation of your home itself can create a range of damages and problems that can have a serious impact on your foundation and, eventually, your home. We provide the drainage correction service that you need, which is the best preventative measure to ensure this doesn’t impact either you or your home in the near future.

Importance of Correct Drainage

Water damage is one of the most common forms of damage that occurs in most households. Water is no less damaging to your foundation, for a host of reasons. Ensuring that you have adequate drainage that prevents water from pooling around the base of your home, and getting into your soil or foundation, is crucial to avoid any real nasty issues with your foundation. Drainage correction is a just another one of the range of services we provide as part of our foundation repair services.

Impact on the Soil

One the biggest impacts that you’ll find, if water is allowed to pool around the base of your home, is on the soil. Excessive moisture or water in the soil can result in the soil beginning to shift or swell, which can cause a host of problems. You might find this causes cracks in your concrete slab and it can even cause excessive settling issues, which can cause serious damage to your home if left unchecked. This is one of the major reasons why correct drainage is so important for the overall health and well-being of your home’s foundation.

Water Damage

It’s not just the soil that water can negatively impact, it can also impact your concrete slab, if this is the type of foundation your home has. Water can seep into the concrete, often through cracks, and create a wide range of expensive to repair and stressful issues. This can include problems that are dangerous for the health of your family, like mold growth. Excessive moisture is just what mold needs to thrive. Reducing the amount of moisture that your concrete slab is exposed to, with correct drainage, can reduce the range of problems you have. We are the foundation repair specialists that can help you with drainage correction.

Cracked Concrete

Cracked concrete is another of the side effects of having excessive moisture build up in the soil around your home, as a result of the settling or other problems that can occur as a result. This problem is then heightened when you consider that cracks provide easy access for water and moisture to get into your concrete slab, which creates a range of issues we’ve already mentioned. Making sure water drains away from your home effectively is one proven method to prevent cracking in your concrete foundation slab, along with a range of other issues.

Proper Water