Foundation repair has many different forms, depending on the issues and problems your foundation is facing. In some cases, if the potential for damage is severe enough or you are experiencing a certain set of circumstances, house leveling might be the form of foundation repair that you need. House leveling can be a complex and difficult process at times but is often the best way to offset a range of serious problems, that would otherwise have a big, and negative, impact on your home. It’s all relative to the problems you are having, but we offer house leveling for the circumstances where your foundation and home require it.

House Leveling

House leveling, or house raising, is a process that is done with the aim of returning your home and foundation back to an even level and returning it to the place it was originally constructed, or as close as circumstances will allow. This is done as it is seen as the best way to correct and prevent a range of serious problems taking hold and impacting both your foundation and home. You might find your home, or parts of it, are beginning to sink and settle, and this can be corrected by house leveling.

What Can Cause the Need for House Leveling?

So when do you need foundation leveling done? And what can cause the need for it in the first place? Like with most forms of foundation damage, part of the problem is caused by the surrounding environment. Water and soil often combine into a deadly combination and can cause your home to shift and settle, often resulting in the need for house leveling or other forms of foundation repair. Leaking pipes underneath your foundation can also cause the need for this, as can tree roots growing nearby, as they can take away moisture in the soil making it dry.

Effective for Any Type

No matter the type of foundation you have, if you have an issue with your foundation that demands house leveling to get it repaired, we can get the job done for you. We have house leveling solutions for both concrete slab foundations and pier and beam foundations, and house leveling can be very effective in both cases. All of this means, whatever foundation type your home is built on, if it needs leveling to avoid a range of problems, our professional team can get it done for you.

Structural Damage

If left unchecked, many of problems that can result in the need for house leveling can cause serious, and expensive to repair, structural damage to your home. House leveling, in many cases, is the best way to prevent this type of damage occurring at your home. Sinking, shifting and swelling soil around your home, either due to excessive moisture or a lack of moisture in the soil around your home, isn’t good for your foundation and thus the structural integrity of your home. Getting your house leveled is a great counter measure for this occurring at your home.

Foundation Leveling