Most homes are now built on a concrete slab foundation. Concrete is a great material for this purpose, due to its durability and natural toughness. This doesn’t mean it won’t suffer any damage or have any problems though, unfortunately. Many of the foundation problems you might have at your home are often not a result of the concrete but issues with the surrounding environment. Whatever the case, we provide a slab repair to deal with any problems that you find your concrete foundation slab is facing. So you can be sure there’ll be no serious or long-term impact on your home.

Slab Repair

For a few decades now, most homes built have been built of a concrete slab foundation. This is due to the range of benefits that concrete has a construction material. However, your concrete slab can face a range of issues and problems, often caused by the surrounding environment and not a result of the material itself. The soil underneath your slab and the weather can combined to create a range of issues for your concrete, for example. There are many more issues that your concrete slab can face, but we’ve got a solution for all of them.


Any damage to your concrete slab foundation can have a truly serious impact on your home. This is heightened by the fact that many of the issues can happen unseen, slowly causing damage until it reaches a tipping point. Understanding what the warning signs are can help you stay on top of any problems and avoid anything serious impact your home. If notice any signs of damage, or think you might have an issue, it’s important that you get professional help immediately. The result could be disastrous otherwise.

Cracked Concrete

Cracked concrete is probably the most common form of damage that you might notice your foundation experiencing. Cracks can often be the first sign that you are experiencing some other type of damage, possible water damage, upheaval or settling. Along with this, cracks in and of themselves aren’t a great problem to have either. This is because, if they are wide enough, can they allow water and moisture to seep into the concrete and cause further problems. We can help you out, not only by repairing cracked concrete but also understanding the root cause of the issue and getting that repaired too.

Settling Problems

Settling problems is also something you might find your foundation experiencing. It needs to be pointed out though, some settling is natural, it’s not all bad. But there’s a tipping point, and if your foundation begins settling beyond a certain point, which can occur for a range of reasons, then your home might have a problem as a result. As mentioned, some of the first signs you might have this problem is if you begin to notice cracks in your foundation and around your home. Settling problems can have quite serious consequences, so it really does pay to get on top of things if you think you have this issue with your foundation.

Structural Damage