The foundation of your home is important. You can’t argue with that. The entire structural integrity can be impacted if your foundation incurs damage that isn’t quickly dealt with. Given many of the problems that your foundation can experience can go on unseen, slowly chipping away until there’s a tipping point, it can be hard to stay on top of it all. That’s where we can help you out. We are the foundation repair experts who can help you avoid a catastrophe at your home, with both preventative and repair services. Let us fix the foundation problems you are experiencing. Whatever they happen to be.

About Us

We know you have a lot going on. And it can be hard to keep track of everything. There’s are so many things in your home that need to be repaired or otherwise maintained. Your foundation, however, is one thing you shouldn’t forget about. The result can be seriously negative and expensive. But that’s why we are here. We are solely dedicated to ensuring that you avoid experiencing a disaster at your home or property as a result of foundation damage. We provide a range of different services including both commercial and home foundation repair. Our foundation repair methods are proven effective.

Our Services

Foundation damage, or any other problems with your foundation, can have a wide range of very serious, and often expensive, consequences. Staying on top of any problems, and being proactive, is the best way to avoid this occurring at your home. Our comprehensive and extensive range of foundation repair services are designed with this aim in mind. We are the foundation repair contractor that has seen every problem and comprehensively solved it, and our services cover everything you need for foundation repair. We are the best of the “foundation companies near me” and always receive the best foundation repair reviews.


House leveling, or house raising, is a form of repair where the aim is to make your foundation an even surface again and raise it back up to the spot in which it was first constructed, or as close it can be done. Your foundation can settle and begin to sink for a wide range of reasons, usually as a result of the soil and moisture, either an excessive amount of a lack thereof. Structural damage to your home can often occur as a result. We offer a foundation leveling service and a foundation settlement repair cost that’s affordable and reasonable


For the past few decades, most homes have been built on concrete foundation slabs. They are tough and durable, and perfect for such a job. Unfortunately, they can still experience damage. Often this damage is a result of the surrounding environment, which can result in a foundation crack or a cracked slab. We provide a range of slab repair services, including settlement repair, designed to mitigate and prevent any serious damage occurring to your home. Don’t let any cracks or other damage compromise your concrete foundation slab.

“Katy Foundation Repair Pros did amazing work fixing the cracks in our foundation slab. I would recommend them to everyone.” Mike. R

“I was a bit worried when I found out we needed foundation repair. I didn’t need to be. Katy Foundation Repair Pros were amazing. They did a great job.” Cecilia. D

“Katy Foundation Repair Pros helped with drainage correction around our home. They completely solved the problem we had with water not running away from the base of our home. They were professional and easy to deal with.” James. S


Although less common with the widespread use of concrete foundation slabs, some houses area still built on pier and beam foundations, or block and base foundations too. This type of foundation has its advantages but can also suffer from a unique range of problems too. This is due to the fact they are often constructed from wood, which can experience a range of problems in the right conditions, such as mold growth or rot. We provide a range of repair services, including preventative maintenance for pier and beam foundation.


Foundation damage and problems don’t just impact your home. In fact, they can often have a greater negative impact on your business if not dealt with quickly and effectively. You may find yourself up for expensive repair bills or having to close down for a while to deal with effects of it, costing you both money and potential business. This isn’t a way to ensure your business remains strong and successful. We can help you repair any foundation issues that might be occurring at your business, including settling problems.


Not knowing how much it will cost, or what’s gone wrong, when you find yourself in need of foundation repair can be a real part of the stress you experience in this situation. Well, you can now relax. With our free estimate inspection, you can get all the information you need upfront, so you are informed and understand everything that will happen going forward. So what’s the cost of fixing the foundation problems you have? Less then you’d ever think with our affordable prices.


Your foundation is crucial to the structural integrity of your home. Any damage to your foundation, which can be caused by a number of factors, can have very serious, and very negative, consequences for your home. With our foundation repair service we can help you avoid disaster at your home or business. You can contact us by using any of the information listed on our website.