Although perhaps not as common today, some homes are still built upon pier and beam foundations, or the similar block and base. This type of foundation has a range of benefits over concrete slab foundations, often driven by the environment you are constructing your home in. They are less prone to flooding for example. However, they still can incur damage and a range of problems if not regularly maintained and taken care of properly. We provide all the services you need, whether it’s preventative maintenance or repair, that you need to ensure your foundation doesn’t have any negative impacts on your home, either now or in the future.

Pier and Beam Foundation

Although this was a far more commonplace foundation type before the use of concrete slab foundation became the vouge a few decades ago, there are still some houses around with pier and beam foundations, or the similar block and base foundation. This is a type of foundation where the home, or structure, is raised off the ground on a series of wooden beams and piers. Although this can be an effective method of foundation in certain areas, it’s also prone to a range of unique damages and problems too. That’s why we provide a specific pier and beam foundation repair service.


Preventative maintenance is always an important step to take to ensure you avoid any major problems with your foundation or home. It’s even more important when it comes to pier and beam foundations. Given the primary material is often wood, which can be prone to a number of wear and tear issues over time, preventative maintenance is important to keep replacement and repair costs low. We provide the preventative maintenance for pier and beam foundations you need to stay on top of any issues that might occur.

Common Issues

There are a number of common, and unique, issues could affect your pier and beam foundation. One the most common, and perhaps the most impactful, is noticing the floor around your home is uneven. This occurs because the wood piers can begin to sink and settle at uneven rates, as your home naturally begins to settle into the soil. Another common problem you might find is mold or mildew growing, which can negatively affect the health of your family. This can also spread quickly, increasingly replacement and maintenance costs. Whatever the problem you are facing, we have the solution you need. So, you don’t need to worry.

Any Type

Our range of specialist pier and beam foundation services solidifies one thing. Whatever foundation you happen to have, and whatever problem it’s facing, we have the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise to get it repaired. We have the solution to any problem that your foundation might face. This means you know, with full confidence, you can always rely on our professional team to get the job you need done. It’s this specialized range of services, at affordable prices, that sees us consistently receive the best foundation repair reviews.

Pier and Beam